As Farmers Go Under, Trump Goes Socialist And Offers A Bribe


Trump is now offering to bribe farmers by having the government buy their crops as the trade war is putting them under.

Trump is worried about losing farmers

Trump tweeted:


Trump campaigned against foreign aid. He has complained about foreign aid as president, but now that his trade war is pushing farmers to bankruptcy, the president suddenly wants to use taxpayer money to buy the crops and give them away as foreign aid.
Donald Trump’s desperation is transparent, as Mr. Capitalist is now proposing a socialist program to bribe farmers so that they don’t give him the boot in 2020.

Trump is lying about China paying for tariffs

The President Of The United States is still falsely claiming that China is paying the tariffs. Even his economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, admitted on Fox News Sunday that US businesses and consumers are paying the tariffs. The American people are paying these tariffs, which are failing so badly that Trump is now spending more money to cover up his failure.

Trump is in way over his head. He is losing to the Chinese. He is losing farmers, and he is on pace to lose an election next year.

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