Lindsey Graham Tantrums Because He Can’t Hide Trump’s Crimes

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is upset that no one cares about his effort to get Hillary Clinton to cover up for Trump.

Limdsey Graham is upset because the media won’t spread his bogus Trump cover story

After Graham hit all off the oldies on bleach bit and Hillary Clinton, he complained, “Well, what have we learned? That the media could care less about anything that is about Clinton. They just want to get Trump, so the reason why you haven’t heard anything about this is that the media never reports it, but we’re at a stage now, Mueller’s report is in, no collusion, no obstruction, now it’s time to go back and look at how all this started.”


The reason why no one is reporting on Graham’s cooked up conspiracy theory is that it is bogus. Sen. Graham is trying to discredit the Mueller investigation, dismiss the action and behavior of Donald Trump while blaming everything on Hillary Clinton.

No one cares about Hillary Clinton scandals because Hillary Clinton is not the president. Graham and Trump are still trying to distract attention away from the potential crimes of this president by blaming Hillary Clinton. Trump and his enablers have not evolved away from the 2016 campaign.

Lindsey Graham is crying because his effort to abuse his power as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman to run a cover-up operation for Trump is failing. Graham can’t hide Trump’s crimes behind Hillary Clinton. The media isn’t buying it, as for the first time the focus is on Trump and Senate Republicans are failing to help him.

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