Trump Rips Open The Russia Case With Mother’s Day Meltdown

Republicans keep trying to “close” the Russia investigation, but Trump ripped it back open with a Mother’s Day rant.

Trump tweeted:

Nobody calls the investigation the “Russian hoax” outside of Donald Trump, who has been trying to make the hoax thing happen for years and it will not catch on.

If the investigation is over, as Republicans want the country to believe it is, and it is not, why is Donald Trump still talking about it? If something is over, it is done and gone, yet here is Trump ranting and raving on a holiday about an investigation that is Republicans want to sell as finished.

Trump’s Mother’s Day Meltdown was telling

Trump has not once mentioned Mother’s Day on his Twitter account. It is only a matter of time before someone from his staff tweets Happy Mother’s Day for him, but the president’s rant was telling. Trump and the Republicans think that they are going to run against the Democratic nominee in 2020, but Trump can’t stop himself on the Russia investigation. It is likely that he is going to spend his 2020 reelection campaign ranting about hoaxes and no collusion until November 3rd.

The Republican Party is trying to sweep the Russia investigation under the rug, but Trump won’t let them. The president is set to self-destruct, and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop him.

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