Report Shows Fox News Lies Daily In Newscasts To Viewers


The myth that Fox has a news side and an opinion side was shattered a by a new report documenting the lies that Fox told to their viewers during their “news” segments of their programming.

Fox’s news side lies to viewers

Here is a smattering of some of the lies pushed as news by Fox anchors:

– Anchor Harris Faulkner claimed Democrats “have gotten” Mueller’s findings “through that four-page report from the AG.”


– Anchor Maria Bartiromo suggested that Democrats don’t support border security because they didn’t vote for three specific proposals

– Anchor Bill Hemmer said the Trump/Russia investigation began with “the original sin” of the “dirty dossier.”

– Chief national correspondent Ed Henry said, “House Democrats already seem to be, at least, encouraging illegal immigrants to vote” through voting and campaign finance reform bill HR 1.”

– Anchor Sandra Smith parroted a highly misleading claim that “Medicare for All” would cost $33 trillion in its first 10 years.

Read the report from Media Matters:

The supposed news side is telling the same lies to viewers that Sean Hannity is spewing at night. Fox is giving the lies news like presentation, but they are still partisan false statements that are designed to misinform and mislead viewers.

Fox’s news reporters were caught in leaked emails discussing how they could defend Trump against Joe Biden. There is no news side and opinion side separation. Propaganda, Trump supporting lies, and partisan misinformation are the backbone of Fox News. Fox could deliver news with conservative analysis, but that is not what the network chooses to do. They use the pretense of news to spread partisan misinformation and misinform the public.

Fox News has nothing to do with journalism and the news. One of the last remaining cover stories for Fox’s propaganda has been exposed, and no American who wants to be accurately informed should give Fox News one second of their time.

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