The Senate Caught Donald Trump Jr. And Now He Is Running Away

Donald Trump Jr. is refusing to talk to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the Trump Tower meeting or the Trump Tower Moscow project.

Donald Trump Jr. is refusing to testify about Trump Moscow and the Trump Tower meeting

CNN reported:
Sources with knowledge of the discussions told CNN the committee initially provided Trump Jr. with a list of roughly a dozen topics that investigators want to cover, including the Trump Tower meeting and Trump Tower Moscow. Trump Jr.’s legal team expected a much shorter follow-up interview than proposed by the committee, which would not agree to limit the time or topics, according to the sources.

But Trump Jr.’s lawyers are pushing back at addressing questions about the June 2016 meeting or Moscow project because he’s already sat before three congressional committees for more than 20 hours and answered questions about those topics under oath, the people said. Trump’s lawyers viewed the format of the follow-up interview as effectively a “do-over” from his 2017 appearance. There is a concern, echoed by several Republicans, that the interview is an effort to try to catch Trump Jr. in a lie since several Democrats have already accused Trump Jr. of committing perjury, the sources said.

Trump Jr. is refusing to testify because he lied the first time he testified.
The president’s son lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the purpose of the Trump Tower meeting, and he also lied to the committee about his knowledge of the Trump Moscow project.

Don Trump Jr. is trying to avoid a perjury charge

Michael Cohen’s testimony contradicted Trump Jr.’s on both of the issues that the committee wants to talk to him about. Members of Congress have been open in their belief that Donald Trump Jr. lied to them. Trump Jr. is afraid of being charged with perjury, and no matter how many times Mitch McConnell declares “case closed” the Trump Jr. subpoena is proof that the Russia investigation is far from done.

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