Trump Flips Out As Stock Market Plunges And No One Buys His Lies

Trump started frantically retweeting himself as the stock market plummeted and no one believed his tariff lies.

Trump tries to stop a stock market plunge by retweeted himself

As the stock market went lower and lower, this is what Trump’s Twitter account looked like:

Each of Trump’s tweets about his trade war with China got half to one-third as many retweets as he normally gets. His lies about tariffs are not playing well with his most devoted followers.

Trump didn’t try to speak to reporters and offer any reassuring statements to the country after China retaliated and raised tariffs on US goods coming into their country. The president doubled down on lies about how tariffs are making money for America and forcing China to pay.

Trump’s trade agenda is imploding

Politico reported that Trump’s trade agenda is imploding, “President Donald Trump is heading toward his 2020 reelection campaign with virtually nothing to show for his big trade promises — except for angry farmers and a jittery stock market…Trump’s failure to reach agreements with America’s trading partners could have a brutal impact on the economy and his reelection effort, even if his base likes his tough talk on China. By the time voters head to the polls in 2020, the prices of consumer goods could be skyrocketing. Farmers may be swamped with products they can’t sell abroad. And a bear market could be shrinking everyone’s retirement savings.”

It is all falling apart for Trump, and the only thing that the impotent president knows how to do is tweet his lies in the desperate hope that he can brainwash the nation into following him off the economic cliff.

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