Trump Goes On A Lie Spree As China Retaliates In Trade War

Trump made several false claims about China paying tariffs, and tariffs boosting the US economy during a Monday Twitter lie spree.

Trump lies as China retaliates

Trump tweeted:

Trump is living in a fantasy world. The president doesn’t understand that this is not the America of the 1950s and 1960s. Consumers can’t buy 100% of US-made goods and avoid the tariffs. Nearly every product made contains some form of import or part made overseas. The tariffs are being passed on to US businesses and consumers.

Even Trump own staff says Americans are paying for his trade war

Trump’s top economic adviser admitted that US consumers and businesses are footing the bill for Trump’s trade war. China’s retaliation on US imports is sending the stock market plunging, and the consequences are becoming direr by the day for manufacturers and farmers. Trump is lying about basic economics. In part, because he doesn’t understand how tariffs work, but also because he embarked on a foolish trade war with China in an effort to make himself look “strong.”

If the trade war continues, Trump can’t lie tweet his way out the political damage he will feel all across the heartland on election day 2020.

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