Adam Schiff Prepares To Subpoena Trump’s Lawyers For Obstruction

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is preparing to subpoena Trump’s lawyers for obstructing the Russia investigation.

Adam Schiff is coming for Trump’s lawyers

CNN reported:

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating whether attorneys representing President Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization misled the committee or obstructed its Russia investigation in the preparation of Michael Cohen’s false 2017 statement to Congress, according to letters obtained by CNN.


In a followup sent this month, Schiff set a deadline for the end of last week for the attorneys to cooperate. Schiff is prepared to issue a subpoena if the attorneys won’t cooperate, a senior committee official said.

Schiff rejected the notion that the material would be covered by attorney-client privilege, while arguing that Cohen submitted a statement that was “coordinated, reviewed, shaped and edited” by the attorneys. Schiff said that Cohen’s statement had “false materials” and “omission of fact” with the “intended effect of impeding the investigation.”

Schiff is interested in Michael Cohen’s lie to Congress

Rep. Schiff is attempting to unravel the role that Trump’s lawyers played in drafting Michael Cohen’s false statement to Congress. Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, has admitted that changes were made to Cohen’s statement. The question is who made those changes and did the attorneys do so knowing that they would be obstructing justice?

Behind the complaining about Schiff, Trump’s lawyers are doing something else. They are hiding. The lawyers don’t want to face the Intelligence Committee because doing so would open them up to questions about how testimony was crafted to mislead the Congress.

Adam Schiff is following every thread in the president’s web of Russia deception with the intent of delivering the American people the full truth on the Trump/Russia relationship, and the threat that it represents to national security.

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