Bill Nye Lights Up GOP Congressman Who Pretends Not To Understand Climate Change

Bill Nye took on Republican Rep. Thomas Massey who claims to be an electrical engineer, but he doesn’t understand climate change.

Nye said on MSNBC:

And the guy that I saw the other day, if I may take a moment — was congressman Thomas Massey from Kentucky, and he is an electrical engineer. He says on his website he claims to be an inventor and he acted as though he cannot grasp this he focused on the idea that 800,000 years ago there was a higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there is today, and how do we know that? By looking at the ice cores or the ancient atmospheres in the ancient ice. I presume you don’t watch MSNBC…A member of his staff might. That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping for. So congressman or the congressman’s staff, here’s the hockey stick graph that you guys love to go off that’s been debunked. No, it hasn’t been debunked.

It’s a fact. If you’re really an electrical engineer, here’s the problem. The rate of global warming, if it was even detectable at this scale with about .1 degrees celsius every thousand or maybe even every 10,000 years. Now it’s that .1 degree Celsius every decade. So congressman, it’s like this in calculus terms. The rate of temperature getting bigger is very high. This would be dT, dt where capital “T,” is temperature and, and the lower case is time, or congressman’s staff if out there, that’s the problem. This looks like an exaggerated hockey stick because it is. It’s the speed.


The Trump administration recently called a science a “Democrat thing,” so no one should expect the Republican Party to get won over into believing facts again, but Bill Nye laid it all out nice and easy. The temperature is rising quickly. It is a race against time, and the longer that Republicans deny and delay, the worse it will be for our planet, our people, and our future.

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