Omarosa Rips Ivanka Trump For Being An Equal Pay Fraud

Omarosa said that Ivanka Trump’s support for equal pay is just empty talk and that she has done nothing for pay equality for women.

Omarosa Calls Out Ivanka Trump

During an interview on MSNBC, Omarosa Manigault Newman said, “Under my portfolio in public liaison was women’s efforts. So, Ivanka Trump said in her speech at the Republican convention, and she said throughout her tenure at the white house that she was going to fight for equal pay for the women. But it’s just all talk. She’s talked the talk, but she hasn’t walked the walk. You will see the efforts for this administration are zero in terms of making sure that pay disparity is eradicated in this country. So, I’m a little disappointed that Ivanka did not follow up on her promises and commitments to this country to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work in this country.”


Omarosa is trying to join a lawsuit related to the Trump campaign paying female staffers less than male staffers. The Trump administration has been openly hostile to equal pay for women. They trot Ivanka Trump out to mutter some empty words about pay equality, but the truth is that Ivanka Trump was born rich. She will never have to hold a real job in her entire life.

Ivanka Trump doesn’t care about equal pay. She doesn’t care about women doing equal work, but not receiving equal pay. The president’s daughter is an empty figurehead who the administration uses to distract from their real policies. She will never walk the walk, because Ivanka Trump is an equal pay fraud, and the country isn’t going to be fooled by the snake oil that she is peddling for her father.

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