Trump Admits He Doesn’t Understand Reality While Attacking FBI Director


Trump attacked FBI Director Wray for stating the truth that there was no spying on his presidential campaign.

Trump attacks the FBI for living in reality

Trump said about Wray’s factual answer that his campaign wasn’t spied on, “I didn’t understand his answer. Because I thought the attorney general answered it perfectly. So I certainly didn’t understand that answer. I thought it was a ridiculous answer.”



What got Trump so bet out of shape was Wray’s answer to Congress that he has no evidence that the Trump campaign was spied on by the FBI.

Trump is at war with facts

Trump’s comments about Wray’s factual answer come on the heels of an Axios report that White House aides have given up on trying to explain to Trump that China does not pay tariffs, because he believes that China does, and he refuses to hear the facts or any hint of the reality that the tariffs are being paid by US consumers and businesses.

America is caught in the middle of a war between the President Of the United States and reality. Trump can fight with reality all that he wants, but farmers are still going bankrupt due to his tariffs, and the steel industry is losing billions of dollars due to Trump’s trade war.

The country isn’t winning Trump’s trade war, but just like he believes that his presidential campaign was spied on, Donald Trump lashes out at anyone who tries to add a hint of reality to his environment.

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