White Voters Flee Trump As Biden Leads By 11 In Pennsylvania

A new Quinnipiac University Poll of Pennsylvania shows former vice president Joe Biden leading Trump 53%-42% in a state that the president must win.

According to the Quinnipiac Poll:

White Voters Flee Trump For Biden

White women split evenly between Clinton and Trump, but Trump won 3 out of 5 white men. In a state where four out of every five voters was white, white men were Trump’s margin of victory. In order for Trump to be losing with white voters in the state, white men have to have abandoned him in favor of Biden. Trump’s popularity even among those who voted for him is on the wane in Pennsylvania, where the stock market boom that Trump raves about hasn’t helped the lives of voters in the state’s red (T).

Only Biden and Bernie Sanders do better than run even with Trump in Pennsylvania, and Biden does four points better than Sen. Sanders.

The rest of the Democratic field doesn’t grab votes the way that the former vice president from Scranton does. Pennsylvanians love to vote for moderates (for example, Sen. Bob Casey), and they adore voting for their own. Biden checks both boxes, and if he is the Democratic nominee, Trump is going to struggle to have any shot of keeping Pennsylvania in his column.

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