Jerry Nadler Drops The Boom And Calls Trump A Criminal

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that impeachment might be unavoidable because Trump has committed crimes while in office.

‘Nadler: Trump has committed crimes while in office

Transcript of Nadler’s comments about Trump’s crimes during an interview with CNBC:

John Harwood: There was a poll that was done recently in which a solid majority of Americans said they believed that before he was president, President Trump committed crimes. Is that relevant?

Jerry Nadler: The president can be impeached only if two things, only for misuse of presidential power while president or for cheating in the election that gave him the presidency. Other than that, if he did something terrible before he was president, he robbed the bank, that’s not impeachable. It’s a crime, but it’s not impeachable.

John Harwood: Do you believe he’s committed crimes while in office?

Jerry Nadler: Yes I do. Mueller lays out very strong evidence of a number of obstructions of justice. Those are crimes. Yes, of course he did.


The House has a decision to make on criminal Trump

After gathering the evidence and building a case, Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Nadler are going to need to make a decision on impeachment. Trump is a criminal. The most straightforward course for the country would be if the voters voted the criminal out of office. House Democrats do have the luxury of keeping impeachment on the table and letting the voters have their say first in 2020.

A rush to impeachment is precisely what Trump wants. A better strategy is to put the criminal and his crimes on the ballot. Voters already know that Trump is a dishonest criminal, but there is a compelling argument to be made about what the criminal is doing to the cost of the things we buy with his trade war, access to healthcare, the pay of workers, and the tone of the nation.

The president is a criminal, and Democrats have to decide how to get rid of him.

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