Trump Is Refusing To Brief The Senate On Iran Plan

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said that the Trump administration is refusing to provide a briefing to Senators on their Iran intelligence.

Trump won’t brief the Senate on Iran intelligence

Sen. Duckworth said, “Only Congress has the ability to declare war. Let me stress that. If such intelligence exists, they need to brief the members of Congress. I got a top secret clearance and I’m happy to listen to the estimates. I know the president is not keen on listening to intelligence briefings, but I am. I take my job very seriously come on. Give me the briefing. In a bipartisan way, the members in the Senate have called for such a briefing and we still have not received one.”


US allies have said that it is the Trump administration, not Iran, who is behaving in an aggressive way. The administration has admitted that they are trying to provoke an armed conflict with Iran. John Bolton is up to his old tricks again and trying to go to war in the name of regime change in the Middle East. The difference is that America isn’t gripped by post 9/11 fear and will not be manipulated into a new war in the Middle East.

Sen. Duckworth was right. If Trump and Bolton have intelligence, they need to show it to the Senate. The fact that they won’t is an indicator to every American that this White House is trying to lie the country into a new war.

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