Trump’s Mueller Problem Gets Worse As Voters Want Him To Testify


By a margin of 56%-19%, a new poll shows that voters across the political spectrum want special counsel Robert Mueller to testify.

Voters want to hear from Robert Mueller

According to the new Politico/Morning Consult poll, “56% of voters think Mueller should testify before Congress, compared with 19% who don’t think he should testify. 79% of Dems and 51% of independents say he should testify, compared to 37% of GOP voters who say the same.

Independents want Mueller to testify 51%-19%, and Republicans want Mueller to testify 37%-36%.

Democrats Are Confident That Mueller Will Testify


The negotiations to get an agreement on Robert Mueller’s testimony have Democrats confident that the Special Counsel will be able to testify within the next couple of weeks. The hang-up to some degree is that Mueller is still technically the special counsel and under the purview of the Department of Justice, which is within the Executive Branch. The Trump administration will have less ability to stop Mueller from testifying once he becomes a private citizen again.

Democrats are going get Mueller to testify. The Special Counsel’s testimony will vital to the investigation because only Mueller can clear up some of the false information that has been spread by AG Barr and Trump while filling in details that are missing in the public version of his report.

Trump’s Mueller problem is not going away

Trump thought that he could put out his version of Mueller’s findings and sweep the report under the rug. His plan didn’t work with Congress and didn’t fool the American people. The longer the White House delays the Mueller testimony, the worse the situation becomes for the president. Trump’s Mueller problem is getting worse by the day, and while it may not be the top 2020 election issue, it is a lingering black cloud that reminds voters of why this president has got to go.

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