Americans Are Sick Of Trump Bragging As 55% Want To Abolish Electoral College

Trump has been ranting about his Electoral College win for nearly three years, but a new poll shows that 55% of Americans want to abolish it.

After Trump, Americans want to be rid of the Electoral College

According to a Gallup survey, “By 55% to 43%, U.S. adults support amending the Constitution so that the winner of the popular vote would win the election rather than keeping the current Electoral College system. However, more say they are against (53%) rather than for (45%) a proposal that would keep the Electoral College system but allow states to award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote rather than the winner of their state’s popular vote.”

Americans saw the consequences of the Electoral College in 2016

Trump is only hurting himself when he tries to soothe his ego by bragging about his 2016 Electoral College win. It turns out that most Americans aren’t impressed and they want to get rid of the mechanism that led to the nation being stuck with Donald Trump as president. If the popular vote decided the presidential election, Hillary Clinton would be in the White House, and two more liberal justices would be on the Supreme Court.

Getting rid of the Electoral College would also make it more difficult for hostile foreign countries to target individual voters in swing states who could hand the presidency to their chosen candidate.

Moving on to a modern way of choosing a president will require a constitutional change, but we aren’t a nation of 13 former colonies anymore, and the Founding Fathers could have never predicted that someone like Putin would come along and install a useful idiot like Trump into the White House.

If the nation is serious about learning the lessons of the Trump folly, we the people should demand the abolition of the Electoral College.

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