Democrats Demand Investigation Into Mitch McConnell’s Russia Payoff

Democratic lawmakers Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff along with Sens. Sherrod Brown and Ron Wyden are calling for an investigation into Mitch McConnell’s Russia bribe.

The lawmakers wrote, “Given that EN+ is a company substantially owned by individuals and entities with close ties to the Russian government, we believe the proposed transaction warrants immediate review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.”

Read the full letter:

051619 Letter to Mnuchin on Rusal Braidy Investment

Mitch McConnell got rewarded for helping to lift sanctions against Russia

As I wrote when McConnell got his Putin payoff, “This is one of the easier forms of Russia/Republican corruption that one will ever see. McConnell enabled the Russian attack on US democracy in 2016 by refusing to stand with Obama in denouncing Russian efforts to manipulate the presidential election.

It is not a coincidence that the least popular senator in America used his power as Senate Majority Leader to stop Democrats from reimposing sanctions on a Russian oligarch and then that same oligarch just so happens to invest $200 million in McConnell’s home state before the reviled senator is running for reelection.

Those are some unbelievable coincidences, and why Democrats are demanding an investigation into the investment in Kentucky.

Mike Flynn told Mueller that members of Congress tried to obstruct the Russia investigation for Trump, and the red investment in the Bluegrass state shows that the national security threat is inside the Republican Party.

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