Florida Governor Forced To Sign NDA In Russia Hacking Cover-Up

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was forced to sign an NDA and not disclose to the public information about the Russian hacking of his state’s voter databases.

The Florida Russian Election Hacking Is Being Covered Up

Politico reported:
But as Florida governor, not only has DeSantis toned down the FBI bashing, he’s even doing the bureau’s bidding. The governor signed a non-disclosure agreement with the bureau in exchange for a briefing Friday on Russian hacking into voter systems in two Florida counties — a decision one fellow Republican described as complicity in a cover-up.


“I share the frustration of your question. But my situation is if I didn’t sign that, I wouldn’t have gotten any briefing. And I would have gotten even less,” DeSantis said. When he learned from special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that Florida counties had been hacked, his administration asked for more information but was stonewalled.

The governor would not have been given any information if he did not sign the NDA, which smells like a cover-up as the Trump administration does not want the public to know which counties in Florida had their voter databases hacked by the Russians.

It is absurd that a governor who had his state hacked by a hostile foreign government can’t tell the public where the hack occurred. It is impossible to prevent future attacks if the governor can’t direct his administration to fix the problem.

Trump wants future election attacks

The inescapable point behind the federal government’s behavior is that Trump is encouraging more Russian election attacks on states for 2020. A Republican governor couldn’t get a full briefing from the FBI about his state being attacked without an NDA. The Trump administration is hiding information from the public, and their secrecy only serves to reinforce the belief that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president.

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