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Nancy Pelosi Just Destroyed Trump’s Obstruction With Impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the House can use impeachment as an investigative tool to break Trump’s obstruction of House investigations.

Nancy Pelosi Breaks Trump’s Defense With Impeachment

Pelosi said, “One of the purposes that the Constitution spells out for investigation is impeachment, and so you can say, and the courts would respect if you said, we need this information to carry out our oversight responsibilities, and among them is impeachment. It doesn’t mean you’re going on an impeachment path, but it means if you had the information, you might. So, it isn’t about impeachment. It’s about impeachment as a purpose, a constitutional purpose for and justifying constitutionally and court wise a path.”

Pelosi also called Trump’s defense a joke, and beneath the presidency.


Before the president can be impeached, an investigation must be done. Trump is obstructing the House from receiving evidence and documents. Speaker Pelosi described how she would use the constitutional tool of impeachment to move the investigations against Trump forward.

The reason why Democrats are so confident that they will win in court is that they can use the use possibility of impeachment as a reason for the requests of documents, evidence, and witnesses.

Nancy Pelosi has a long-term strategy that she is focused on, and those who want to short-circuit the process by rushing to a doomed impeachment would not only give Trump exactly what he wants, but they would also undercut an investigation of this president that needs to be completed before the 2020 election.

Speaker Pelosi knows what she is doing, and her strategic use of impeachment is going to defeat Trump’s obstruction.

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