Trump And Giuliani Humiliated As Ukraine Finds No Evidence Of Biden Wrongdoing

The conspiracy theory that Trump and Giuliani hoped would bring down Joe Biden has crashed and burned in Ukraine.

Bloomberg reported:


Ukraine’s prosecutor general said in an interview that he had no evidence of wrongdoing by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or his son, despite a swirl of allegations by President Donald Trump’s lawyer.

The controversy stems from diplomatic actions by Biden while his son, Hunter Biden, sat on the board of Burisma Group, one of the country’s biggest private gas companies. As vice president, Biden pursued an anti-corruption policy in Ukraine in 2016 that included a call for the resignation of the country’s top prosecutor who had previously investigated Burisma.


Trump’s quest for foreign dirt on Joe Biden has flopped

Trump believes that he can run the same campaign against Joe Biden that he ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016. The problem is that Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. Biden has been in public life for decades. If there is any dirt on Joe Biden, it is already out there. Rudy Giuliani proudly took credit for the Ukraine conspiracy during a recent interview on Fox News, and he only canceled his trip to Ukraine after Sen. Chris Murphy threatened to launch an investigation into Giuliani’s activities.

Trump and Giuliani thought that they were going to launch their conspiracy theory and smear Joe Biden with it for a year and a half. The Ukrainians wouldn’t play along, and the result is total humiliation for Trump and his TV lawyer.

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