Joe Biden Has Trump Terrified And Reeling In Pennsylvania

Trump is so terrified of Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania that he is overseeing his reelection campaign in the state.

Trump is running his own Pennsylvania reelection campaign

The Los Angeles Times reported:
Moving to get a grip on the situation, the Trump political team a few weeks ago traveled to Harrisburg, Pa., for a meeting with Republican National Committee and state GOP officials to address concerns over party infrastructure, organizational readiness and their string of losses, according to two officials with knowledge of the meeting.

The Trump campaign officials — including David Urban, who oversaw Trump’s 2016 operation in Pennsylvania, and Trump 2020 political directors Bill Stepien and Chris Carr — “came to make it clear that they’ll be running the show,” one attendee said.
Biden is leading Trump by 11 points in Pennsylvania. White voters in the state have fled Trump for Biden at this early stage. The problem isn’t state Republicans. The issue is Donald Trump. The president’s personality, conduct, and behavior have rubbed many Pennsylvania voters who supported Obama but flipped to Trump in 2016 the wrong way.

Adding more Trump to the equation runs the risk pushing these voters firmly into Joe Biden’s camp.

Trump is trying to beat a native son candidate in a state that loves voting for its own

Joe Biden has the perfect message and temperament for Pennsylvania, where voters love voting for moderates like Sen. Bob Casey and Gov. Tom Wolf. Pennsylvania isn’t a place where far left or far right play well. The left does better in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The right does better in the rural areas of the state, but as a whole, moderation makes for a successful statewide candidate in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanians love for voting for their own, and Scranton’s Joe Biden fits the bill.

In the years since 2016, Trump’s win in Pennsylvania is looking more like a fluke that was driven as much by Clinton’s strategy as anything that Trump did right.

Trump is scared, and it might not matter who runs his campaign, Joe Biden could be unstoppable in Pennsylvania.

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