Joe Biden Draws A Huge Crowd In Philly For His Campaign Kickoff

Former vice president Joe Biden is drawing a crowd in Philadelphia that is matching his standing at the top of the Democratic polls.

Here are two videos shot by PoliticusUSA’s Sean Colarossi who is live at the rally:

Biden released two excerpts from his speech where he will speak about unity and Trump:

Joe Biden has been able to run a general election strategy, and it is working

Joe Biden’s standing in the polls is not a fluke. Biden is speaking directly to the American people’s rejection of Trump and hunger for something better. While the rest of the Democratic field has stayed away from discussing Trump, Biden has embraced it, because the contrast with Trump is one of his strongest attributes as a candidate.

Former vice president Biden’s lead may drop, but his popularity and the message that he is delivering are things that voters want to feel and hear.

Joe Biden is running a general election strategy and judging from the crowd in Philly, it’s working like a charm.