Adam Schiff Says Trump Is Pushing Democrats Toward Impeachment

Rep. Adam Schiff said that Trump wants to be impeached and he is pushing Democrats in that direction.

Adam Schiff says Trump wants immpeachment

Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:
MARGARET BRENNAN: You do think there is more of a movement–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –towards impeachment?

REP. SCHIFF: I think that we are seeing more members that recognize that the administration is acting in a lawless fashion, essentially having obstructed justice, is now obstructing Congress and our lawful function. And if we conclude that there’s no other way to do our jobs, no other way to do the oversight, no other way to show the American people what this president has done, his- his unethical and illegal acts as outlined in the Mueller Report, then we may get there.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re- what- what you’re suggesting just to clarify, is that by opening up an inquiry into impeachment- proceedings into impeachment, it would allow you to get the information even- and evidence you’ve been asking for?

REP. SCHIFF: It may–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But it provides a tool even if it fails?

REP. SCHIFF: It- it- it does, it provides an additional tool. And what we have been doing is we have been gradually escalating the- the tactics we need to use to get information for the American people. So we began by asking for voluntary cooperation and that was not forthcoming. We followed with subpoenas, we followed with contempt, we may follow with inherent contempt, and we may have to follow with impeachment. There may be an odd confluence of interest here between the Trump Administration and people around the president who want him impeached because they think it’s politically advantageous. And an increasing number of Democrats and maybe Republicans who feel this president’s conduct is so incompatible with office, incompatible with our system of checks and balances that if the only way that we can do our oversight is through an impeachment proceeding then maybe we have to go down that road. But I think it’ll be important to show the American people this was a decision made reluctantly.

Adam Schiff was right

Trump wants to be impeached. He thinks that it will be good for him politically. The president knows that he is not going to be removed from office, but that impeachment would rally Republicans to his side and change the issue from Trump’s failed presidency to presidential martyrdom in 2020.

Democrats haven’t taken the bait, and they will not impeach Trump until they absolutely must.

Trump is trying to use impeachment to win reelection, which is the biggest reason why Democrats must not give the president what he wants.


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