Mitt Romney Lies: There Isn’t Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) refuses to support impeaching Trump because he thinks “impeachment isn’t the right way to go.”

Mitt Romney Lies to Justify Not Supporting Impeaching Trump

Romney said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “I don’t think there is the full element to support an obstruction of justice case. I didn’t feel like a prosecutor would actually look at this and say we have all of the elements to get to a conviction, so everyone reaches their own conclusion. I read the report. I was troubled by it, very disappointed by it for a number of reasons, but it did not suggest to me that it was time to call for impeachment.”



Robert Mueller Found Enough Evidence to Indict Trump

Romney is playing games to cover up for Trump.
The only reason that Mueller didn’t indict Trump for obstruction of justice is that under the OLC guidance a sitting can’t be indicted. It was wasn’t that Mueller didn’t find the evidence as Romney falsely suggested, but that the appropriate remedy for presidential obstruction of justice is impeachment. Sen. Romney wasn’t honest, and his answer illustrates the problem that Democrats will have if they push impeachment.

Senate Republicans are going to twist and distort the evidence to protect Trump.

The outcome is predetermined in the Senate.

There wouldn’t be a fair impeachment trial, as Senate Republicans will never vote to convict Donald Trump, which is why more investigation needs to be done before Democrats can move on impeachment.

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