Pete Buttigieg Tells Fox News That It’s Time To Turn Off Trump

Pete Buttigieg called Trump grotesque and said that it is time for America to change the channel during his Fox News town hall.

Pete Buttigieg Calls Trump Grotesque

Buttigieg said, “We need to make sure that we’re changing the channel from the show he’s created, because what matters, and I get it. It’s mesmerizing. It’s hard for anybody to look away. Me too. It is the nature of grotesque things that you can’t look away, but every time we’re looking at the show or the latest tweet, and the latest silly insult, what we’re not looking at is we’re the ones trying to get you a raise. They’re the ones blocking it. We’re the ones trying to preserve your healthcare, and they’re the ones trying to take it away. We’re the ones who are ready to deliver on something like paid family leave and they’re against it. Their positions as a general rule are unpopular, and if we focus more on what’s going to happen in your life. In other words, if we make it less about him and more about you, paradoxically, I think that’s the best way to defeat him.”


Mayor Pete Pulled No Punches Describing Trump

Calling Trump a show was an effective tactic, and it also allowed Buttigieg to hit on one of the elements of Trump’s presidency that bothers Republicans the most. The president’s non-stop tweeting and desperate cries for attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mayor Pete did get national publicity out of this town hall, and he used it to be non-confrontational with Fox News. Buttigieg reinforced his brand of being a moderate Democrat who can appeal to Republicans. It is unknown how well that will hold up in the primary, but for one night it was a good match for a candidate who sincerely believes that there are persuadable voters to be had in the Fox News viewership.

Pete Buttigieg has also mastered the art of the Trump takedown without sounding mean or offensive, which is a nice political ninja skill to have when combatting the ugliness of this president.

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