Military Urges Trump Not To Pardon US War Criminals

The United States military is urging the President Of The United States not to pardon soldiers who were convicted of war crimes.

The Military Opposes Trump’s pardon for war criminals

The military is not in favor of Trump’s plan to pardon US war criminals:

Trump wants to pardon a war criminal who shot and stabbed children and the elderly in Iraq.

The New York Times reported:
Two SEAL snipers told investigators that one day, from his sniper nest, Chief Gallagher shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking with other girls on the riverbank. One of those snipers said he watched through his scope as she dropped, clutching her stomach, and the other girls dragged her away.

Another day, two other snipers said, the chief shot an unarmed man in a white robe with a wispy white beard. They said the man fell, a red blotch spreading on his back.

The pardons would be a straight play to Trump’s base

The pardons are intended to make Trump look patriotic and tough, at least, what he thinks that patriotic and tough look like. It is another piece of red meat that Trump can throw at his base while disgrading the damage that his actions will do to the military and the perceptions of the US around the world. Trump doesn’t care that democratic societies should hold those accountable who commit war crimes. The president doesn’t care that he will be making the lives of the troops less safe overseas.

Trump thinks that pardoning war criminals over Memorial Day weekend will make him look good, which is why he is so eager to put US lives in danger all around the world.

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