Joe Scarborough Praises Pete Buttigieg For Laughing At Trump


Joe Scarborough praised Pete Buttigieg for the perfect response to Trump, which is to laugh at him and his carnival.

Joe Scarborough Praises Mayor Pete Buttigieg For The Perfect Response To Trump

Scarborough said, “Yeah, you know, Mika, that reminds me of when Donald Trump wrote about, you know, bleeding badly from a facelift or calls me psycho Joe. And people say, how do you do it, Joe? Well, because we don’t care. We’ve got to have that sort of you’ve got to see it as sort of a carnival, sort of a sideshow. And mayor Pete does, so many other candidates become so upset and engaged. And he doesn’t even go there. And Mike Barnicle, he — in those two answers, he responded in the most powerful way any candidate can respond to Donald Trump. Not by fear, not by comparing him to Hitler, not by being angry, which we do from time to time. But by laughing at him. It’s grotesque! It’s a sideshow! I don’t care! Let’s get on with the business of getting working Americans back to work and getting them good jobs with good pay.”



Pete Buttigieg Responded To Trump Insults At His Fox News Town Hall

There were two possible reactions to Pete Buttigieg’s Fox News town hall. Democratic primary voters either came away impressed with Buttigieg’s general message, which was placing focus on the country instead of Trump, and his moderation, or primary voters that skew more to the left may have viewed Buttigieg as vague on the issues and exceptionally moderate.

As Joe Scarborough pointed out, the one thing that everyone should be able to agree on was that he handled Trump the right way. He cut through the Twitter noise, called out the grotesque carnival of distraction, and while Trump obsesses over himself, turned his attention to the needs of the American people.

Pete Buttigieg’s response was perfect, and all of the other candidates who aren’t named Joe Biden could learn a lesson from how he handles Trump.

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