Republican Justin Amash Goes Off And Lays Out Trump Impeachment Case

On Monday, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) debunked Trump’s defense point by point and laid out the case for impeachment.

Justin Amash Lays Out The Case For Impeachment

Amash tweeted:

Rep. Amash isn’t backing down

After Trump attacked Rep. Amash, he did not back down. The Republican congressman laid out in detail for the entire nation to see why Trump committed crimes and should be impeached. Justin Amash could have done what so many of his fellow Republicans have done when bullied by Trump. Amash could have caved and walked it back.

Instead, he is doubling down, challenging the corruption, and trying to protect democracy.

Rep. Amash is showing Republicans the way. Here is hoping that more of them go public and follow his lead.

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