The Media Ignores Trump’s Desperate Pennsylvania Rally As Joe Biden Has Him Running Scared

Donald Trump made a hasty trip to Pennsylvania for a campaign event on Monday night just days after former vice president Joe Biden held a kickoff rally in Philadelphia – a sign that Trump is terrified that he is losing his grip on the Keystone State.

Sadly for Trump, his days of getting free media coverage have long been over. As Trump’s rally started on Monday night, neither MSNBC nor CNN were covering it.

The lack of coverage was likely due to the fact that the rally was just a rerun of what he always spews at these events. He retold his story of election night 2016, bragged about the Obama-Biden economy he inherited, attacked the media and whined that judges and the laws are against his agenda.

Trump also all but admitted that he knows the state is slipping away from him, particularly if Biden is his general election opponent.

“I’ll be here a lot,” Trump said at the rally, not hiding the fact that he’s running scared in the Keystone State. “Gotta win this state.”

In a direct attack on the former vice president, Trump said that foreign countries like China “want Biden” so that they can keep “ripping off the United States.”

Of course, the commander-in-chief made no mention of the fact that his trade war with China has both made the United States look foolish on the world stage and hurt American farmers and consumers.

Trump’s recent attacks on Biden reek of desperation

After Joe Biden jumped into the race last month, Donald Trump has become increasingly unhinged – attacking the former vice president with juvenile nicknames and launching into incoherent Twitter rants.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote on Monday, “[Trump] is so afraid that when he tries to attack Biden, all that comes out is a mangled word salad that nobody understands.”

Of course, Trump has every reason to be afraid of the former vice president.

According to the latest polling in Pennsylvania, Biden is leading by double digits. Worse for Trump is that Biden’s big lead is driven by the fact that white voters are fleeing Trump in the state.

And, as Politico pointed out on Monday, even the Trump campaign’s internal polling data shows the president’s standing in the midwest has collapsed in three crucial states.

According to the report, “The Trump campaign recently completed a 17-state polling project that concluded the president trails Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, according to two people briefed on the results.”

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump dropped into Pennsylvania on Monday to try to salvage his sinking political hopes in the midwest. What he doesn’t realize is that outside of his loud and loyal minority of supporters, the rest of the country is tuning him out.

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