Trump Is Losing Fox News As His Downward Spiral Accelerates

Fox’s Brit Hume blasted Trump for avoiding questions from the channel’s journalists as president.

Fox News Criticizes Trump For Avoiding Questions From Journalists

In response to Trump whining about Pete Buttigieg’s town hall, Fox News’s Brit Hume tweeted:

The fact is that Hume was correct. Trump gives most of his television interviews to Fox News and Fox Business, but he sticks to the shows that do not do serious journalism. Trump talks to his friends like Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanne, and Fox and Friends. As his presidency has gone on, the White House has increasingly relied on pre-taped interviews, which according to the Mueller report, they have editorial control over.

Trump is losing Fox News

There is an open civil war at Fox News that is being fed by Trump. The so-called news side is being split into journalists who want to be objective and those who see their job as defending Trump. Staffers like Brit Hume and Chris Wallace believe in journalism. Sean Hannity has been threatening to leave Fox News because he doesn’t think that they are pro-Trump enough, as the simmering internal battle that has been going on for years at Fox has come out into the open.

Donald Trump is losing critical parts of Fox News. Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends can’t carry him to victory in 2020. Trump doesn’t want any Democrats on “his” network, but if he keeps it up, Trump may find himself with less of a platform on Fox News.

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