Terrified Trump Spews Nonsensical Word Salad At Joe Biden

Trump is scared, and his latest tweet attack on Joe Biden was a nonsensical word salad of desperation that shows a failing and flailing president.

Trump New Biden Attack Makes No Sense

Trump tweeted:

Joe Biden wasn’t a one percenter who was picked off the heap by Obama.

According to Politico, “First elected to the Senate in 1973, Biden was once one of the least wealthy members of the chamber. By the time he left the White House, he and his wife, Jill Biden, reported assets between $303,000 and $1 million, as well as liabilities between $560,000 and $1.2 million. During much of his time in office, Biden’s wife was a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, where she still teaches.”

Biden has made a couple of million dollars since leaving office, but the vast majority of his life, Biden was not super wealthy.

Someone also needs to tell Trump that the sleepy nickname isn’t working. Trump has been trying to make it a thing for months, and it isn’t happening. The fact that Trump can’t come up with an insulting nickname for Biden is an indication that Trump doesn’t know what to do with the former vice president.

China isn’t getting hurt by the trade war. The American people are paying for Trump’s trade war with China, and if the president plans to run against Biden as soft on China, he is going to have to answer for the higher prices, job losses, and farm collapses that his tariffs have caused.

Trump is afraid of Biden

Trump knows that Biden can win with the white voters who voted for Obama but flipped to him in 2016. Joe Biden is going to be strong in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and potentially Ohio if he is the Democratic nominee. Trump sees the end of his presidency and the beginning of his possible criminal trial in Joe Biden. He is so afraid that when he tries to attack Biden, all that comes out is a mangled word salad that nobody understands.

Trump’s biggest fear is Joe Biden.

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