Betsy DeVos Busted For Illegally Using Your Money To Put More Guns In Schools

The Education Department’s acting inspector general found that Betsy DeVos broke federal law when she did nothing to block federal funds from being used to arm teachers.

Betsy DeVos Broke The Law To Put More Guns In Schools

ABC News reported:
A letter obtained by ABC News and sent Tuesday to the Education Department’s acting inspector general argues that DeVos broke federal law when she said it was not within the department’s purview to decide how these funds were used by states. Last month, DeVos appeared before the House Education and Labor Committee where she was pressed by Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-Conn., on the department’s stance regarding states using Title IV-A funds from the “Every Student Succeeds Act” to train and arm teachers.


Hayes, who in 2016 was the National Teacher of the Year, noted during the back-in-forth with DeVos that a previous legal analysis, done by the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, contradicted DeVos’ statement. Hayes said that instead, the office’s conclusion advised that “the Secretary has discretion to interpret the broad language of the statute” and stated that “it is, therefore, reasonable for the Secretary to disallow this particular use of the funds absent
specific Congressional authorization.”

Betsy DeVos Broke The Law By Not Blocking More Guns In Schools

Betsy DeVos has drawn criticism for her efforts to gut the public education system and carry out her private school agenda, but her actions on guns in schools show that it is also essential when looking at the Trump administration to examine the laws that they are not enforcing. The role of the Executive Branch of the government is to implement the law. An administration that ignores the law is still breaking it.

The NRA is carrying out their agenda of making public schools more dangerous to sell more guns, and Betsy DeVos is breaking the law to help them.

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