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Calls For Impeachment Are Growing Among House Democrats

Calls are growing among Democrats for the House to open an impeachment investigation into Donald Trump.

Support is growing for House Democrats to launch an impeachment investigation

NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell reported:

Well, these are regularly scheduled meetings, consider it the Democratic family coming together at different levels of leadership and responsibility. This is where they hash out their agenda. And in this instance, it was about the dividing lines over impeachment with some members arguing to the leadership team the last straw should be Don McGahn, the former White House counsel not coming and answering a subpoena. Others see it differently.

Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team are holding a line saying the different chairman of the various committee have produced results and she does not want to cut off that avenue of exploring different pieces of information that the various committees and the various chairmen are able to get to begin an impeachment process. Others say now is the time and that would streamline all the Democratic activities toward impeachment. There’s a real heartfelt disagreement here, and it is the kind of thing that when you’re inside the family, it does get heated and spirited. It was described in all of those tones. A vigorous argument, if you will, civil I’m told, but still passionate.


Democrats need to break Trump’s obstruction

An impeachment investigation is not the same as voting on impeachment. Speaker Pelosi is correct. A vote on impeachment in the House would be foolish. Impeachment will die in the Senate, and there is great suspicion the Mitch McConnell wouldn’t bother to hold an impeachment trial. The Senate Majority Leader might ignore impeachment as he did with Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court nomination.

House Democrats need to add another tool to their toolbox if they are going to break Trump’s obstruction, and an impeachment investigation would give them more power to get the evidence that they need.

An impeachment vote is still up in the air, but an impeachment investigation appears to be coming.

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