Sherrod Brown Explains Why No Working-Class American Should Vote For Trump

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown was having none of it when Chris Matthews criticized the Democratic Party for coming off as elitist to working-class voters in the midwest.

During an interview with the MSNBC host, Sen. Brown quickly reminded Matthews that the big elitist and con man in American politics is Donald Trump.

“[Trump] looks at crowds and he sees voters. He doesn’t see people,” the Ohio Democrat said. “This is a president who betrays workers.”


Sen. Brown said:

But the president of the United States, do you ever see him shake hands after his rallies? I mean the president of the United States, he looks at crowds and he sees voters, he doesn’t see people. He doesn’t know their names. He doesn’t know their life stories. To elect a billionaire with his history and his background as if he’s not elitist, I just think that you have got to show whose side you are on. This is a president who betrays workers, whether they’re in Lordstown or whether it’s his court nominees.

The midwest is poised to deny Donald Trump a second term

While three states in the so-called rust belt gave Trump a small Electoral College victory in 2016, they look poised to deny him a second term in 2020.

New polling in Pennsylvania, for example, shows former vice president Joe Biden leads the president by a decisive 11 percentage points.

Following Biden’s kickoff rally in Philadelphia over the weekend, Trump quickly scrambled to have his own rally in the state on Monday – a sign that he sees Pennsylvania slipping away.

The Keystone State is just one of the states in the midwest that is gearing up to turn blue in 2020. As Politico noted this week, Trump’s own internal polling shows him trailing Biden in both Wisconsin and Michigan as well.

In other words, the same part of the country that fell for Trump’s con in 2016 is ready to send him packing next year.

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