Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself By Claiming Biden Deserted Pennsylvania


Trump first tried to claim that Biden wasn’t from Pennsylvania then falsely added that he deserted the state.

Trump Falsely claims that Biden deserted Pennsylvania

Trump said, Biden deserted you, he’s not from Pennsylvania. I guess he was born here, but he left you, folks, he left for another state. Remember that, please. I meant to say that. This guy talks about ‘I know Scranton.’ I know the places better. He left you for another state, and he didn’t take care of you because he didn’t take care of your jobs.”



Joe Biden moved away from Pennsylvania when he was 10

It is certain that Joe Biden didn’t have much say about his move away from Pennsylvania because he was ten years old at the time. Trump is so desperate to try to hold on to Pennsylvania in 2020 that he is trying to make childhood events presidential campaign issues. If Trump wants to go down that road, Democrats will be more than happy to talk about Fred Trump.

The idea that Biden deserted Pennsylvania is silly especially coming from Trump who made big promised to the economically depressed (T) of the state and has delivered nothing, but tariffs and healthcare instability.

Trump’s foolish attack won’t work in Pennsylvania

The Trump campaign understands that Pennsylvanians love to vote for their own in elections. Trump was trying to break the personal connection that Biden has with Pennsylvania, but what he is missing is that it is not just that Biden is from Scranton. It is also that Biden speaks the language of Pennsylvania voters genuinely. Biden is authentic, and he gets the concerns of voters in a state that outside of 2016 tilts blue, but is moderate.

Trump looked and sounded like a desperate fool who knows that without Pennsylvania, there is no second term. It is nearly 18 months until election day, and Trump is already desperate.

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