Ben Carson Humiliates Himself More By Claiming Katie Porter Is Clueless

Ben Carson doubled down on humiliation and claimed that Rep. Katie Porter is really the one who doesn’t know what she is doing.

Sarah Sanders stands by corrupt and clueless Ben Carson

Sanders said, “He has a great deal of confidence in secretary Carson. He is doing a tremendous job and supportive of the work he’s doing over there.”


Here is an example of Carson’s tremendous job:

Ben Carson Adds To His Humiliation

After humiliating himself at a hearing, Carson claimed that it was Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) who didn’t know what she was talking about, ” I suspect when Katie Porter was an expert in this area, things were very different. That’s why I invited her to speak with our staff that deals with these so they can bring her up to date. Maybe she would then be able to understand what is going on.”


People Are Being Hurt By Ben Carson’s corrupt imcompetence

It might seem fun to laugh at Ben Carson, but real people are being harmed by his callous cruel, and incompetent leadership of HUD. Carson has supported Trump’s requests to slash the budget for an agency that provides housing assistance for the most vulnerable Americans. More than a dozen public housing residents have died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a lack of detectors, a problem which predates Carson, but one that he was finally forced to react to, and Carson supports a White House plan that would throw 55,000 legal resident children out of public housing and make them homeless.

Ben Carson is unqualified, and should not be anywhere near HUD. His presence there is harming people, which, according to Sarah Sanders, is a sign that a Trump administration official is doing a “tremendous job.”

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