Congressman Calls Trump A Pathetic Man Baby After White House Fit

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) called Trump a pathetic man baby after the president refused to do his job because Democrats are investigating him.

Rep. Dan Kildee Calls Trump a man baby

Rep. Kildee said on MSNBC, “It’s just ridiculous. I mean, this is the return of Trump the man-baby who is just so angry and throwing a fit and saying, unless you do things the way I want them done in the order that I want them done, I am not going to meet the needs of the American people. Let’s be clear. He is not punishing Congress by not working on infrastructure. He is punishing hard-working Americans who depend on infrastructure for their livelihood, who depend on infrastructure to be connected to the rest of the world, and when he says the American people don’t deserve 21st century infrastructure because he doesn’t like the fact that Congress is investigating some of the aspects of his administration and doing the job that the constitution requires us to do. It’s really pathetic.”


Trump is only hurting himself with his tantrum

If Trump doesn’t do infrastructure, it will be a broken campaign promise and one less thing that he will have to boost his flimsy resume of accomplishment in 2020. Trump is hurting Democrats by stomping off and refusing to do his job when his feelings get hurt. He is only harming himself and the Republican Party. Trump is acting like a baby and his behavior is a reminder to voters of why they are so are fed up and desperate to get rid of him in 2020.

Trump is only losing by throwing fits, and he is sowing the seeds for his defeat in 2020 one tantrum at a time.

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