Steve Mnuchin Just Walked Into A Trap On Trump’s Tax Returns


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testified to the House today that he has not talked to the president or the White House about hiding Trump’s tax returns.

Steve Mnuchin Claims He Isn’t Taking Direction From The White House to Hide Trump’s Tax Returns

Mnuchin told Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA), “I have had no conversations ever with the president or anyone in the White House about delivering the president’s tax returns.”

Secretary Mnuchin also threatened the IRS memo writer who wrote that the IRS must turn over Trump’s tax returns, “We’re trying to find out who wrote the memo, where it came from, when it was and why it wasn’t distributed.”



Mnuchn walked into a trap

The issue of Trump’s tax returns is likely to be settled in court. If Steve Mnuchin is acting at the direction of Trump and the White House, and it strains all credibility to believe that he is not, he has perjured himself in front of the House and is setting himself up for criminal charges down the line. Mnuchin’s emphatic answer better be true, or he just walked into a world of hurt.

The administration is coordinating to hide Trump’s tax returns. It is not a coincidence that every rationale that the Treasury Department has given on keeping Trump’s tax returns a secret began at the White House.

The Trump administration thinks that Congress and the American people are stupid, which is how they keep lying and getting themselves into trouble.

Just like Trump’s tax returns, the truth will come out, and Steve Mnuchin will be toast.

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