Top House Democrat Vows To Up The Ante On Trump

House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said House Democrats are prepared to up the ante on Trump.

Hoyer said on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, “Let me tell you what is not a bluff. We’ll continue to do our duty. We’ll continue to have oversight hearings. We’re going to continue to ask for documentation and the testimony of witnesses that we believe are relevant, in particular, to the Russia investigation. The fact that Russia may have cooperated with, worked with, had information from individuals in our country to undermine our democracy is a critically important issue and tend to continue to look into that and get to the bottom of it. We also are going to go where the facts lead us. That’s our responsibility. That’s our duty. So if this is a poker game, we’re going to ante up.”


Trump Picked A Fight That He Is Already Losing

Trump is losing to Democrats on the issues. The public doesn’t believe him on the Mueller investigation. The president is losing to Democrats in court, and by promoting more government dysfunction, he is losing the American people.

Donald Trump is picking a fight that he will not win. He is not going to sucker Democrats into doing impeachment on his terms, but Democrats are going to use their oversight powers to check a corrupt president.

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