White House Backpedals and Claims Trump’s Refusal to Deal With Democrats Won’t Impact Budget Issues

Get ready for some spin.

Trump walked out on Democrats today during an infrastructure meeting and then threw a public fit in the Rose Garden, claiming he wouldn’t be dealing with Democrats until they stopped investigating him.

Oh, well, make that on infrastructure, I guess, which makes sense because the White House warned that Trump wouldn’t have a real specific plan on infrastructure so why not throw a fit and try to blame the Mueller report and Nancy Pelosi for his own failings.

And now the Trump White House is claiming that this refusal to deal and negotiate with Democrats does not extend to the must-pass debt ceiling and funding bills, CNBC reported on Wednesday, citing an unidentified senior administration official.

So the Trump fit will stop right where it would hurt his reelection chances. But let it be known that Trump refused to negotiate on infrastructure because his feelings were hurt.

Trump never seems to ask himself if he can call off negotiations because he’s mad about the “I” word being tossed around, then why doesn’t he think Democrats might call off negotiations with him over his efforts to froth up his base into threatening many top level Democrats, including sending pipe bombs to them.

Baby Trump is an action figure that only works in a limited setting, and this is why he can’t allow a free press in this country and has gone out of his way to frighten, intimidate and threaten the press.

For some reason, Trump believes he is calling the shots. He is not. Speaker Nancy Pelosi proved that today by giving a master class in how to troll the troll.

Let us all “pray for the President Of The United States… and pray for the United States of America.”

Thoughts and prayers.