Trump Lies And Says China Is Paying For His $16 Billion Trade War Disaster Cover Up To Farmers

Trump lied and claimed that China is paying for $16 billion in disaster relief to farmers due to his trade war.

Trump Lies About China Paying For Disaster Aid To Farmers

Trump said:

We’re taking swift action to remedy all of the injustice that’s been done over the years, in particular, you could say with our farmers they’re patriots. They stood up and were with me. They didn’t say you shouldn’t do this because we’re going to have a bad year, they’ve had 20 bad years if you look at the charts, way back, longer than that. It has been a steady spiral down. So we will ensure our farmers get the relief they need and very, very quickly. Good time to be a farmer. Going to make sure of that.

Today I’m announcing I have directed Secretary Perdue to provide $16 billion in assistance to farmers and ranchers, it all comes from China, will be taken in over a period of time, hundreds of billions in tariffs and charges to China. And our farmers will be greatly helped. We want to get back to the point they would have had a good year. The support for farmers will be paid for by the billions of dollars our treasury takes in. We will be taking in, depending what period we’re talking many billions, far more than 16 billion we’re talking about. But the 16 billion of funds will help keep our farms thriving and make clear that no country has veto on America’s economic and national security.


China does not pay tariffs

Trump’s own economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted on Fox News Sunday that the Chinese do not pay tariffs. Trump refuses to understand the basic reality that the tariffs are paid by American businesses and consumers. The US government is not taking in money from China on the tariffs. American businesses and customers are paying higher prices due to Trump’s trade war.

The $16 billion that Trump is giving to farmers is money that the US has borrowed from China, so Trump is borrowing from China to pay farmers who are going out of business due to his trade war.

Trump’s trade war is a disaster and Trump’s $16 billion cover-up can’t hide his failure.

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