Trump Spent 7 Minutes Making His Staff Declare That He’s Not A Lunatic


For a cringe-worthy seven-plus minutes, Donald Trump made his staff declare on television that he is not a lunatic.

Video of the whole ordeal:

The video is difficult to watch because it reveals both Trump’s lack of sanity and how low his crew of enablers in the White House is willing to go to please him. No one in this video will ever stand up to Donald Trump or put their country ahead of the danger that is being posed by an unstable and unwell president. What set Trump on Thursday was Speaker of the House Pelosi’s call for an intervention.


Trump seemed to take Pelosi’s plea that he get help as a challenge to show the country how unwell he is.

Seven long minutes in front of television cameras where Trump bullied his staff into declaring him calm and sane. Trump should never have been president. This administration will never invoke the 25th Amendment. Senate Republicans will never vote to remove him from office.

Watch the video and then commit to doing your patriotic duty for your country by voting against Donald Trump in 2020.

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