Congressman Says There’s Already Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said that the Mueller report has already given the House enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump.

Rep. Green said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

I have already indicated that we don’t have to have testimony. What was given to us by the special counsel, what was given to us is more than enough. The Mueller report lays it out. And we’ve had over 800 former federal prosecutors to say if this were anyone other than the president, the person would be prosecuted. I believe we have enough evidence to go forward without Mr. Mueller. I think it would be beneficial to get his testimony and in the presence of the public.

Transparency would be good. I won’t quarrel with him if he wants to do it behind closed doors after having made a statement. The important thing to remember is, that Mr. Comey was fired for investigating the president. And the president confessed to that. Mr. Mueller investigated it. He started with that as the and he has concluded that he cannot indict the president because of a standing policy. By he also indicated, he was not exonerated and gave us some ten or more reasons why obstruction may have taken place. For us to move on. I think to be very honest with you, Mr. Mueller is an honorable man and he understands the framers of the constitution intended that Congress do its job. We have to have the will, the framers have given us a way.


Rep. Green has been beating the impeachment drum for years. Rep. Green has been warning his fellow House Democrats of the potentially dire outcomes that could occur if Donald Trump is not impeached.

The pro-impeachment Democrats still have not answered the questions of what happens after impeachment, and how does impeachment make a difference for the country?

Democrats are moving toward impeachment, but they had best make sure that they aren’t turning loose a freight train with no destination in mind.

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