Trump’s Own Staff Compare Themselves To Hostages

Trump own staff said traveling with him makes them feel like captives as White House staff try to avoid riding on Air Force One with the president.

CNN reported:

“It’s like being held captive,” one official said of traveling with the President on Air Force One.

Current and former officials have described White House trips as grueling endeavors accompanied by long hours, but several privately said the flights overseas are easily the worst. The duration can stretch nearly 20 hours. Sleeping space is limited. The televisions are streaming Fox News constantly. And if the headlines flashing across the bottom of the screen are unfavorable to their boss, aides know it’s time to buckle up for a turbulent ride.


When Trump first took office, staffers clamored to travel on overseas trips. But now, in the third year of his presidency, several officials said they do their best to avoid staffing the trips because of the chaotic nature that typically accompanies them.

Donald Trump, who seems like a miserable person to be around when he is on the ground, is even worse when one is trapped on an airplane with him. I don’t recall ever hearing stories about staff would avoid traveling with the president aboard Air Force One. Usually, staffers and others are climbing over each other to ride in the presidential plane, but Trump has turned it into such an awful experience that staffers are fighting to avoid being cooped up with the cable news obsessed non-sleeping president.

His own staffers feel like captives as like the rest of the country try to avoid the pain of close association with Donald Trump.

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