Rudy Giuliani Demands Pelosi Apologize For Trump Intervention Truth

Trump’s TV lawyer Rudy Giuliani demanded that Speaker Pelosi apologize for “harming the nation” by speaking the truth about the president’s instability.

Giuliani tweeted:

Trump and his enablers are so upset because what Nancy Pelosi said was true. There have been countless examples and reports of Trump’s instability. The president had pulled this same stunt before when Pelosi told him no to his wall, and he stormed out out a meeting with Democrats. The country watched Trump blow up in a meeting with Pelosi and Schumer and preemptively take credit for the government shutdown.

Trump world is so sensitive about these allegations because they go straight to the heart of why Trump could lose in 2020. The biggest problems that voters have with Trump are related to his behavior and instability. Trump’s biggest weakness in the upcoming election is his character. When Pelosi brought Trump’s issues up, the White House flipped out, because that is why they will lose next year.

Republicans can’t fix Trump or make the situation better.

Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t apologize for speaking the truth. The Speaker of the House should say it even louder.

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