Chuck Todd Shreds Sarah Sanders For Saying Trump Sides With N. Korea Against Biden

Chuck Todd took Sarah Sanders apart for saying that Trump sided with North Korea against former vice president Joe Biden.

Todd asked on Meet The Press, “Can you explain why Americans should not be concerned the president of the United States is essentially siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over a former vice president of the United States?”

“The president’s not siding with that,” Sanders replied. “I think they agree in their assessment of former Vice President Joe Biden. The president’s focus in this process is the relationship he has and making sure we continue on the path towards denuclearization. That’s what he wants to see, and that’s certainly what the people in this region want to see and are hopeful that the president is right and that relationship is what helps move us further down that path.”

Todd followed up, “The president of the United States takes the North Korean dictator’s word about Joe Biden? What happened to speaking with one voice on American foreign policy? Is the president not setting up trying to have world leaders sort of pick which political party they should side with? I don’t understand what message the president is sending here.”

Sanders weakly replied with an attack on the Obama/Biden administration with a false claim that Trump is “cleaning up” Obama’s messes.


Chuck Todd Hit On Trump’s Biggest Weakness

The question that Sarah Sanders couldn’t answer is why is the President Of The United States continually siding with dictators who want to harm the country and attacking his fellow Americans? If the Trump campaign is going to run on the love of other world leaders, they are going to have to run on having the support of the worst most oppressive regimes in the world. Trump’s international pals include Russia, Saudia Arabia, and North Korea.

Trump keeps siding with people who want to harm the United States against people who want to protect it.

This is not a complicated argument, and Sanders had no answer, but to revert to the same old, weak sauce attacks on Obama that Fox News has been putting out there for a decade.

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