Lindsey Graham Threatens Nancy Pelosi On Trump Impeachment

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threatened Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) if she pursues impeachment against Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham Threatens Nancy Pelosi

Graham said on Fox News Sunday, “70% of the democratic base throughout America wants president trump impeached. She knows an impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the president. So she’s trying to keep the party intact. If she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the house, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets re-elected. But her job is very much at risk.”


There is zero evidence to suggest that Lindsey Graham is correct

Republicans are hanging their hopes on the fact that Bill Clinton got more popular after impeachment. Trump isn’t Bill Clinton. Trump isn’t a popular president who is leading an economic boom that all are feeling. Trump isn’t as popular as Bill Clinton, and there is no proof yet that Donald Trump can win reelection with or without impeachment.

The majority of the country does not want impeachment

The reason why House Democrats have to tread carefully on impeachment is that the American people aren’t with them yet. The will be no instant gratification from impeachment. “The rule of law” will not be upheld because the Senate will not vote to convict Trump of impeachable offenses. Trump is already historically unpopular for a president who is running for reelection. Impeaching Trump might not be necessary, and it would be nice for Democrats to have impeachment available to them if Trump wins a second term and more crimes are uncovered.

Sen. Graham’s threat to Pelosi reeked of desperation, but the country isn’t ready for impeachment quite yet.

Lindsey Graham’s panic reveals that Nancy Pelosi’s slow and steady is winning the impeachment race.

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