Pete Buttigieg Tells Democrats How To Cancel The Trump Horror Show


Pete Buttigieg said that it is time for America to ignore Trump’s distractions and talk about what they want instead of Trump.

Pete Buttigieg On Canceling The Trump Horror Show

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:
PETE BUTTIGIEG: It’s a continuing horror show right now in Washington. And you have a president who has turned the entire thing into a reality show. We’ve got to completely change the channel, and make sure that we respond to all of the — the distractions and the nonsense coming out of the White House, not just by calling him to account, but by returning consistently to the question of how American lives are shaped by those decisions.

RADDATZ: You talk about changing the channel, how do you do — do that with President Trump? It — it works for him.


BUTTIGIEG: It does, but part of how it works for him is he provokes us in ways that make it very hard for us to do anything but respond in kind, the nicknames, the tweets, the insults. And what we’ve got to remember is that the more we’re talking about him, the less we’re talking about voters.

When the conversation is about voters, we’re going to win. Voters want a raise. They want health care. On almost all of the issues, the American people are with us. It is precisely for that reason that the only way the Republican Party can retain power in the White House is if the conversation is about something completely different, like the shenanigans of the current president.


Buttigieg was right. If the conversation in 2020 is about you instead of him, Democrats will do very well in the election. If Trump is able to distract and manipulate his way through the campaign, Democrats will struggle to break through. Washington is a horror show under Trump. It is also a do nothing executive branch that is being enabled by Republican Senate majority to do less than the bare minimum of governance.

The election needs to be about healthcare, wages, Trump’s failed trade war, and other issues that matter in the lives of people. Impeachment is a nice thought, but it plays into Trump’s hands by giving him a distraction that allows him to make the election about himself.

The way to beat the Trump horror show is to not allow it to hijack the 2020 election.

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