Disputed Quote Suggests Trump Thinks Kim Jong-un Would Be A Better President Than Biden (Updated)

Article Updated To Reflect The Dispute About the Trump Quote

Update # 3: Bremmer admits that he made it up:

This means that no outlet will ever trust Bremmer again.

Trump endorsed murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for president over former vice president Joe Biden.

Trump says Kim Jong Un would be a better president than Joe Biden

Iam Bremmer tweeted:

Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star says the quote is fabricated:

Trump’s quote has been part of a package where Trump has taken the side of the North Korean dictator over the former vice president of the United States.

Trump has tweeted:

Sarah Sanders got shredded by Chuck Todd for Trump’s support of Kim Jong-un over Biden, and the big problem for Republicans is that Trump’s behavior reinforces the belief that he puts his country and democracy last. The White House thought that they were getting a great publicity tour for Trump, but the president has sabotaged it all and reminded the American people of why he should not be elected to a second term.

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