White House Demands Media Be Complicit In Trump’s Lies And Crimes

Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said that Trump wants a media that is compliant and complicit with whatever he says.

The White House wants the media to be complicit and compliant

Gidley said on Fox News, “When he leaves a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and all they do is mischaracterize his demeanor, and take whatever she says lock, stock, and barrel. I mean, it would be so nice if we had a complicit compliant media the way the Democrats do, but we don’t.”


Ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama how complicit and compliant the media was with them.

Trump doesn’t want a questioning free press

Speaker Pelosi will always have more credibility than Trump because she is not a compulsive liar. Pelosi’s account of the meeting was also backed up by people who attended the meeting. Nancy Pelosi didn’t need to put the people who work for her on the spot on national television to vouch for her sanity.

The administration wants a media that doesn’t question what they say. The White House wants a press that acts like a publicity department that reprints what the president says as unquestioned truth.

The concept is very authoritarian and undemocratic. It is the press’s job to question the president and the administration.

Trump doesn’t want to be questioned. Donald Trump wants a press that will be complicit and compliant in his crimes and lies.

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